February 12, 2015

Love is in the Air! Let's Start the Wedding Planning!

It's February! You all know what that means, right? Yes, it's the month of one of my all time favorite holidays (Valentine's Day) but it is also the start of WEDDING SEASON! For those of us in the industry, whether it be hair stylists, makeup artists, wedding planners, photographers, wedding planners, florists, etc. we all know that now is the time that Brides start piecing together their most perfect day.

Enter Loverly. "What the heck is Loverly?" you might be asking...well, picture a one-stop shop for all things wedding related. Inspiration? Yep. Planning tools? Absolutely. Vendors? You betcha. You can browse the world's top wedding images, search for inspiration by color, category or custom keyword, save your favorites and even "share" to your social media accounts for input and advice! It's like Pinterest only it's all wedding related! You don't have to sift through Pins of recipes and recipes and more recipes! Just focus solely on what you need and forget the rest!

Loverly recently reached out to me telling me about a brand-spanking new launch with Eva Franco, which if you didn't know, designs some of the most sassy, truly unique, feminine-without-being-cheesy dresses. This Eva Franco for Loverly line is all about Brides and Bridesmaids and is SO fresh and unexpected with some of the dreamiest fabrics and textures I have ever laid my brown eyes on! I thought it would be a perfect time to share this line with my readers since so many of you will be asked to participate in weddings this season! So hop on over to Loveryly to start putting together the wedding of your dreams, and while you're there, make sure you take a gander at this GORGEOUS collection! I was asked a few questions which I will answer below! Hope you enjoy my picks!

I was asked to tell you guys which dress (or dresses) I would choose for my Bridesmaids and why...
(Left to right)

Auriela Dress (in navy) | This to me is the bridesmaid dress that every gal wants to wear. It's sweetheart neckline, nipped-in waist and length would look great on any body type but what I reallllly love (other than the color which is a fave) is the fantastic lacy-textured bustier style bodice! It's just the tiniest bit of sexy without going overboard! 

Jax & Paloma Set (in white) | Okay, now for my most unconventional pick and quite possibly, my personal favorite: the Jax & Paloma. I'm in LOVE with the idea of a two-piece for a casual wedding, an outdoor wedding or a wedding where the Bride has a bit of a tongue-in-cheek sense of style (a.k.a. my kinda gal!) This crop-top of course wouldn't work for all body types, so don't go making this decision for your girls if you have any that are a bit insecure of their mid-section. Also, dare I say I may be one of the only women on the planet who kind of digs the thought of bridesmaids in white? I KNOW I KNOW it goes against everything the rules tell us, but if there is a Bride out there who is super confident and wants to buck tradition, this would be suuuuuuch a funky, cool, and fresh idea that I promise NO ONE else will be doing! And I always love that. 

Cecilia Dress (in dusty rose) | This typically isn't a dress style I'm drawn to, but there is something really special about this one that I couldn't take my eyes off of. For one, it is incredibly feminine. I absolutely adore the dainty cap sleeves and the oversize bow on the chest just screams "Parisian" to me! Oui Oui! The lace is so girly and timeless and in this dusty rose shade, so charming!

I was also asked which stood out to me the most. This one was a bit tough for me to drill down to just one because there were so many but if I had to choose one, here's my choice...

Maura Jumpsuit (in navy) | I love a good jumpsuit. The reasons are aplenty, but to me, they represent everything that is chic, strong yet feminine, and fashionable. I can't say that I've ever seen a wedding where the Bridesmaids are wearing jumpsuits, but I'll tell ya right now, the thought of it is so different that it just makes me weak in the knees! Maybe it's the Annie Hall lover in me, but I would just DIE over how cool the photos would be where there are sexy jumpsuit-clad Bridesmaids hooking arms with the Groomsmen! *le swoon!* Talk about making a statement! Bonus points for being able to wear this gorgeous outfit again AND for the fact that it has pockets (a personal must!)

Okay lastly, I couldn't help but grab a few more faves for specific wedding-related festivities...here's what I got for ya!

Rehearsal Dinner outfit:

Courthouse Wedding

"Getting Away" or "Off to the Honeymoon":

Morning After Brunch

Bridal Shower

Alright, that should be enough to get the wheels spinning for you! If you are a Bride or a Bridesmaid, get thee to Loverly STAT! My days of wedding planning are sadly behind me, but that doesn't mean I can't live vicariously through you dolls! Which dresses would you choose?
January 29, 2015

The Multi-Tasking "Miracle Cream" You NEED

Guys. Rarely does a product come along that has me all verklempt. A product that makes me ask myself in a very angry tone "what have you even been doing with your life before now?!" I had been hearing some pretty serious stuff about this "Miracle Cream" by Embryolisse on various blogs, YouTube channels, product reviews, etc. I feel like whenever I hear or read about a product more than 3 times in a week, it's a sign from the Beauty Gods and I MUST own it. That's what happened here.

Enter Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre. The name alone makes you want to hop on your Vespa and head out to the nearest French bakery for an espresso and croissant! Well, if you're like me and don't have a Vespa (or a French bakery nearby) you can still get a little taste of the good life if you get your le hands on this tube of Heaven. This stuff is so luxe and SO moisturizing without being oily or greasy!

Here's what this little badass brings to the table:

1) As a moisturizer: apply to clean skin and let it "sit" for at least 5-10 minutes before applying makeup.
2) As an eye makeup remover: apply a small amount to two cotton swabs or cotton balls and gently sweep across eyes from brow to lash line until all traces of makeup are gone. You can massage excess product into your eye area as a great gentle eye-area-moisturizer.
3) As a makeup primer: gently massage into skin and neck for a healthy glow. If there is any excess, you can massage into neck and décolleté. 

If you want to try before you buy, you can also find this little diamond in the rough at Sephora and I believe there is a smaller size available if you're a commitment phobe and want to start small. 
January 25, 2015

Drugstore Beauty Routine : Pregnancy Edition

Drugstore Beauty Routine : Pregnancy Edition

Oh heeeeeey, guys! Remember me? I'm the broad who just up and left ya for over a month with no new posts and nothing to do but peruse through old material! First of all, I am so sorry for my absence. For those of you who don't know me personally, I've been busy dealing with the first glorious month of pregnancy (read: insane nausea, fatigue and general slug-likeness). Basically that means I've been too lazy to come up with anything to write about because, well, I've been unable to muster the motivation to get myself ready like a functioning member of society. Whelp! Luckily I'm through the woods and into my second trimester and finally feeling like a human female again! That means showering on a regular basis, slapping some makeup on and (kind of) doing my hair! CanIgetahellllllyeah?! 

When I was pregnant with my now 2-year old son, I was super sick through my first trimester, however, I had beautifully clear skin. This go-round was a totally different story. My hormonal breakouts were E-P-I-C. It was like my chin was a breeding ground for pesky zits. All sizes were welcome! Tiny pimples, medium pimples, large painful pimples, I wasn't discriminating! Once I would get rid of one, three more would come to it's funeral! The truly annoying thing was, for the first time in my life, I also had sensitive skin! It wasn't like I could treat the whole area and be done with it, I had to treat each and every spot, being careful not to disrupt the surrounding skin which would get incredibly dry, red and irritated. ARGH! I needed a new approach. I decided to take 3 gazillion steps back and pare my routine down to the bare essentials for the first time in my life and guess what?? It worked! I'm not saying this is going to be the magical answer for everyone, but this is what worked for me. Maybe it'll do the trick for someone else out there as well. 

Firstly, let me just say that I STOPPED using my Clarisonic brush during this little "outbreak". Although my love for that thing is stronger than platinum, when you're experiencing flare ups, it's best to just gently rest it on the counter, explain how you just need a little space, and when things have calmed down in the epidermal arena, you'll be back, ready to slough off some dead skin and eager to pick up your love affair hotter than ever! Trust me, it's for the best.

Step 1 | Before using any cleanser, I've been removing all of my eye makeup and most of my face makeup with facial cleansing wipes. I've been using the Kirkland ones from Costco which I really dig, but any brand will do. Try to find some formulated for sensitive skin. Get as MUCH makeup off your face as possible and then move on to cleansing.
Step 2 | I picked up Avalon Organics Vitamin C Cleansing Gel from Target on a whim because I liked the gentle ingredients, and for whatever reason, the citrus scent really helped with my queasies. Any other scent made me want to hurl. If you're particularly sensitive to fragrances, just grab one that is fragrance free. A tiny bit of this cleanser goes a long way (love that!) Just make sure you remove all of it as it can leave a slight residue if you're not careful to rinse completely clean with luke warm water. Then PAT (not rub) your skin dry with a clean towel.
Step 3 | This "step" is optional. Or rather an "as needed" step. I'm not big on slapping copious amounts of zit cream on my face when it's being super touchy (and when I'm preggo) so I am a huge lover of organic tea tree oil for those painful, underground zits. I put a little bit on a Q-tip and just "dab" it onto the offending spot. Let it sit for a few minutes, then move on to moisturizer. Tea tree oil is known for its antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties. It's basically the bomb.
Step 4 | I grabbed this moisturizer by Neutrogena for sensitive skin and HOLY MOLY I'm in love. I wish I would have discovered this earlier in life. It is incredible. No scent. Oil free but incredibly moisturizing. Doesn't leave a film on the skin and it has SPF. It's like finding the perfect mate. This is my new all time favorite basic facial moisturizer and I am going to make sure it is always on my bathroom counter. 
Step 5 | Have you seen these mini Vaseline tubs?? They are so damn cute! I am loving the rosy lips one for daytime because it leaves the slightest rosey hue without looking like you're wearing gloss. I also have the "creme brulee" flavor which I use at night. I find them at Target but I've seen them at Rite Aid, Walgreens and online as well. Ahhh! So cute!
Step 6 | I'll be real honest with y'all. I've been LAZY when it comes to my makeup lately. Unless I have actual plans like dinner with friends, or a get together or something, I just can't find the motivation to put on a full face. I've been a looooong time fan of Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer (I use color "Light") I'm sure you know if you read my blog regularly, so I decided to grab the foundation, which is the same "format" (sponge tip applicator) as well. It has great medium to full coverage but is very light on the skin, similar to a BB cream in weight. I literally just twist the top, rub the product all over my face, blend it in a bit with my Beauty Blender and then pop my concealer under my eyes, around my nose then BOOM I'm done. A bit of cream blush, my eyebrows, some black mascara, and I'm out the door.
Step 7 | This really isn't a "step" but it is just a no-brainer. Water. Drink it. Then drink more. Then follow that up with more water. I adore my LifeFactory glass water bottle. I have the orange one pictured, but it comes in a ton of different colors. Also you should know, they make wine glasses and they are pretty much the cutest things on the planet. As are their baby bottles. See? A product for every stage of your life! 

Okay, that about sums it up! Please note that now that my skin is back to it's regular self, my routine is about to change yet again as I'm receiving my entire line of Rodan + Fields Redefine Regimen tomorrow and can't WAIT to start documenting my results for you guys! They're sending me over $400 worth of product so I'm like a giddy kid on Christmas Eve! Stay tuned for some mind-blowing before and after shots!

December 4, 2014

How to Wear Pantone 2015 "Color of the Year" - Marsala

Pantone Color of the Year 2015

It's that time of the year again! And I'm not referring to decorating for the holidays (although, it's also that time, so...get to steppin' if you haven't already!) It is the day that Pantone has chosen their "2015 Color of the Year" which sets the tone for all kinds of fashion, beauty and decor trends! I'm sure everyone remembers last year's color "Radiant Orchid" which was such a bright, punchy shade and it was such a blast to pull together some different ideas on how to wear the shade. If you missed that post CLICK HERE for reference. This year's color choice has been a bit of a hot debate. There are some people out there that have their panties twisted ALL up in their business ends over this color choice! Those not very fond of the shade are saying it reminds them of rust, dried blood, etc. To which I say "psssshhhh!" Such is the beauty of subjectivity. Not everyone is going to dig what's "in" and that's okay! I love marching to the beat of my own drummer, and if that means genuinely loving a controversial color SO BE IT! But can we all just take pause and laugh about how ridiculous it is to be debating the "color of the year"? Like...can we all agree that this argument is the epitome of a First World problem? Okay, now that we've decided on that, let's get down to the nitty gritty. (Also, for the record, I'm a BIG fan of the color Marsala. There, I said it. Now you know what camp I fall into.)
When I first heard that this year's color was "Marsala" I instantly thought of chicken Marsala, because, well...I'm food motivated in every aspect of my life. Then I took a step back and thought of the very specific shade of Marsala wine and I started conjuring up different swatches of the beautiful muted wine shade. It's as if wine + mauve + muted rust, and earthy mushrooms all decided to get together, have a ménage à trois, and somehow create a baby. There you have Marsala. I sat down and started thinking of all the makeup shades I've worked with and worn and then compared them up against our color swatch. If you're trying to figure out how to incorporate a specific shade into your lifestyle, I usually recommend letting the color or swatch be your guide. Look at it and decide which familiar objects come to mind and then use that as your guide. 
Here is a photo from Pantone's website showcasing a beautiful Marsala sofa, some throw pillows with the shade tossed in, a muted Marsala silk skirt, and a handsome devil holding a Marsala colored script in his hand. I love how they give you some ideas for what other colors work with it. How AMAZING does that dusty blue blanket look draped over the back of the sofa?! Marsala + dusty blue = L O V E
Marsala is not quite Merlot (too much purple), not quite burgundy (too much reddish brown), and not quite mauve (a bit too muted) but it definitely has qualities of each. I absolutely adore the color Marsala on leather goods. It's so rich and buttery and unexpected but it's more updated and modern than a traditional burgundy. I tried choosing a couple different lipsticks in this shade because it is THE color to wear on your kisser this season. I think I have a bit of a soft spot for it because it takes me back to 90s makeup which we all know is having its mega-moment right now! Anyhoo, I'll let you guys decide if you can see yourself incorporating this badass shade into your wardrobe, makeup or house and I'll leave the links below for the items up in the collage should you be so inclined to check any of them out! 

Here's to a Marsala-drenched 2015!

November 23, 2014

Beauty Stocking Stuffers Under $10

Beauty Stocking Stuffers Under $10

What is it about stocking stuffers that gets me all jazzed?! Ever since I was a wee, feisty, redheaded tyke, I've always had a thing for them. It's like getting a bunch of tiny presents! I thought it would be kind of cool to stick with the beauty theme and show you guys some awesome little stocking stuffers under $10 (a lot of the ones I chose here are actually under $5!) These would also make fun little Secret Santa ideas for the work place if you have a beauty product junkie to buy for! I included the specific brands pictured in the below links, but feel free to just use this list loosely to spark your gift-giving imagination!

Nail Polish Remover Pads | I freaking love these things. I keep them in my purse for nail emergencies. Super easy to use.
Love & Toast Handcreme | I really like this brand. Comes in a lot of fun scents that aren't obnoxious and the packaging is really funky and cute!
EcoTools Makeup Brushes | I am a BIG fan of EcoTools for many reasons, but the biggest reason is they are made incredibly well and are priced insanely low. They don't shed, they're super soft and they wash beautifully. They have fabulous little starter kits that are a great value. (Click here for other kit).
Facial Cleansing Wipes | There are so many brands and options to choose from, I'm just digging these ones right now which are great for pesky breakouts and getting sweat and bacteria off your face and chest after the gym. Effective but not too harsh, either. Also great for teenagers!
Razors | This is one of those great stocking stuffers that everyone needs but no one likes to buy for themselves. I like disposable ones so I don't get lazy and end up with a dull blade for months. Just toss it and move onto the next.
Lip Balm | I swear this is like a staple of stocking stuffers. I remember getting just about every single brand and flavor of lip balm and chapstick since I was a kid and I still love getting it. I'm loving these Softlips Cubes right now! They feel so good on the lips and the packaging looks like a cute, colored ice cube!
Mini Makeup Palettes | Around the holidays you'll see all sorts of cute little mini palettes. Mostly eye shadows and lip colors, these are awesome ways to play around with new colors and they fit perfectly in those holiday party clutches! This one from Sephora is a surprisingly perfect inclusion of neutral and cool smokey tones.
Cleanser | Again, like razors, this is one of those things that is great to receive and is a total necessity.
Cotton Swabs | Perfect for eyeliner cleanup. A bathroom vanity necessity.
Soap | The possibilities are endless here, but I stumbled on this one during a recent Target trip and it smells soooooo good. Crisp, fresh and has a lovely lather. You can also find it at Ulta.
Eye/Lip Liner Sharpener | This is one of those quirky little beauty items that I can never have enough of. I'm always managing to misplace them. What's the deal with that?! I love the double-sized ones that can sharpen standard sized pencils as well as jumbo pencils. This one is particularly nice because you can flip the cap open and get all your shavings out.
Sephora Collection Face Masks | I LOVE that these come in so many formulas/colors! There's literally an option for everyone and they're only $6! Choose from: Ginseng (Toning), Pomegranate (Energizing), Rose (Moisturizing), Pearl (Brightening), Green Tea (Mattifying) & Honey (Nourishing).
Nail Polish | Again, you have thousands of brands/colors to choose from in this category, but I'm loving the Ulta nail polishes these days. The formula is incredibly opaque and long lasting and there is a great shade collection.
Travel Size Hair Products | These are a great idea for stockings. Shampoos, conditioners, hair sprays, volumizers, hair powders....just about every type of product comes in a mini size these days and they're perfect for travel and also just for trying out new brands without committing to the high price tags. Ulta is a great place for finding lots of different luxury line brands most of which are under $5.

What are some of your favorite types of stocking stuffers? I'm always on the lookout for different ideas!
November 21, 2014

Aroma Soap Lab Review and GIVEAWAY!

I have a confession to make. Until recently, I looked down upon "natural" bath products. I always passed right over them because I immediately thought they'd all smell like the inside of an incense shop and would leave a weird, beeswax film on my skin. Obviously somewhere along the way I had been introduced to a sub-par bar of soap or lotion and had just grouped them all into the same category. What a buffoon I was! Luckily, I've since been shown the way.

All of Renee's soaps are:
Biodegradable : Great for camping & lake bathing!
No animal testing
No parabens
No mineral oil
No sodium laurel sulphate
No phosphates

I first met Renee, the owner/maker/designer/curator of Aroma Soap Lab in a Zumba class I walked into last February. She was immediately friendly and easy-going and she smelled SO good! But...I just met her, so I thought I'd save that stalker-like compliment for a more appropriate time (I'm still waiting, like a creeper, for my chance). I didn't learn until months later that she made her own soaps, scrubs, bath salts, lotions and shampoos. I can't remember how it came up, I think one of the other gals in class had asked her if she could get more soap. It was then that my ears perked up. I learned that Renee is a regular vendor at our amazing Farmer's Market that we are so incredibly blessed to have in our town. She has a beautiful booth (if you click here you can see some photos scrolling through of her setup at the market) where she offers her full inventory and even allows you to test out some of her incredible products!

Renee hooked me up with some serious goodies. I already knew I wanted to tell you guys about the Sea Mud Tea Tree Mint Facial Scrub ever since she gave me a sample a while back. But I also got my hands on 5 different artisan soap bars, the best smelling body scrub I've ever smelled, a hair and body moisture balm that comes in a nifty push-up style tube and a couple of her moisturizers. Basically, I was up to my eyeballs in fancy schmancy bath products. You can bet your sweet ass I locked myself in my bathroom and gingerly tested and tried each and every item she gave me over the past couple of weeks so that I could give you guys a rundown. Here goes!

First up....the Sea Mud Tea Tree Mint Facial Scrub/Mask. HOLY MOLY. Ever since I tried the little sample of this, I quickly dubbed it my "Biore Strip in scrub form". With only ONE use, this scrub pulled every ounce of gunk out of my pores on my nose, cheeks, forehead and chin. I couldn't believe how clear my pores were! You can either use this as a scrub, or you can apply it, let it sit on skin like a mask for 5 minutes, add a tiny bit of water and then massage into skin in small circular motions to remove all the gunk and dead skin cells. The mud is fabulous for removing impurities and the tea tree oil provides antibacterial properties. This scrub smells like the most delicious spearmint gum. I know that's kind of a whack description, but it's accurate. TRUST. This comes in a lovely little glass jar that can be reused for all sorts of things. See? Maybe I am more "green" than I give myself credit for!

 Pictured here is the Wild Desert Rose Olive Oil Soap. It was too pretty not to show you. Isn't this GORGEOUS???

You obviously saw the photos above of the beautiful box of 4 soaps (which is what I'm giving away to one lucky reader!) You can choose any 4 soaps from the following scents:

Wild Desert Rose, Havana Bay, Namaste Dragon's Blood, Oatmeal Milk & Honey, Sandalwood Patchouli, Cool Citrus Basil, Unscented Exzema Goat's Milk, Pink Sugar, Energy (Citrus), Wild Mountain Honey, Pomegranate, Kentish Rain, Anise Mint Charcoal, Nag Champa, Ancient Sedona, Twilight Woods, Tea Tree Mint Sea Clay, Brown Sugar & Fig, Exotic Lavender Vanilla, Coconut Lime Verbena, Cedar & Saffron, Eucalyptus Mint, and Spice Market Tea.

For my own personal 4-bar box, I chose Oatmeal Milk & Honey (smells like a delicious oatmeal cookie), Pomegranate (smells like ripe, juicy berries and oddly enough, kind of reminds me of holly berries which is perfect for the holiday season), Energy (smells like a, orange, vanilla dreamscicle), and Tea Tree Mint Sea Clay (smells like the same delicious spearmint gum I described above). All of these soaps rinsed so incredibly clean and left my skin feeling soft, supple and fresh. No residue, no dryness, no stripping. Renee also surprised me with a bonus bar of the Spice Market Tea scent which smells EXACTLY like the tea you can get at Pike Place Market. This particular scent needs to "cure" on your shelf for 3 weeks before use. But the upside is, it makes your whole room smell like Heaven!

I'm typically VERY picky about body scrubs. Even some of the scrubs I've purchased from high-end spas and department stores leave a greasy, slimy residue on the skin and also on the bathtub! YUCK! The last thing I want to do after using a body scrub is feel like I have to re-wash my skin and then immediately clean my bathtub! Talk about a relaxation killer! As I hesitantly opened this scrub, expecting the same experience, I was first caught off guard by how beautiful and clean this smelled. I chose the "Kentish Rain" scent which is cool, crisp, not too feminine, not too masculine and oddly comforting. I was then completely shocked when I rinsed it off and my skin felt like a newborn baby's with NO greasy residue! This is hands down the best body scrub I've ever used (and I've used more than I care to admit). You get a very hefty 8oz jar for only $12.50! The coolest thing is you can choose from ANY of the soap scents I listed above! So many choices!

This chunky little container is a push-pop style delivery system and contains a moisture balm that can be used on skin, dry elbows, cuticles, feet, dry knees, etc. I also love this stick for taming fly-aways and pesky little baby hairs around the hairline. I chose the Vanilla Lavender scent (very calming) but you can also choose from: Pink Sugar, Coconut Lime Verbena, or plain unscented which would be a fabulous addition for mamas of babies to tuck in the diaper bag!

Lastly, I tried two different moisturizers, a whipped shea body butter that looks like thick whipped cream (I tried the Lavender Vanilla) and the plant based hand and body lotion (I tried the Coconut Verbena). These were some of the nicest moisturizers I've ever used. I can't even describe how good the coconut verbena scent is that she does. It instantly took me back to Kauai and made me think I was relaxing on a tropical beach. The shea body butter is SO thick and applies so nicely. It was a much welcomed surprise for my dry, crackly skin on my legs and knees after shaving.

Here's the fun part! Enter to win your OWN box of 4 soaps of your choosing! All of the scent options are listed above (beneath the beautiful photo of the Wild Desert Rose soap). I will reach out to the winner and collect your shipping address as well as your 4 desired scents! You can either keep it for yourself, or this would make a perfect holiday gift for a very lucky gal (or guy!) Enter via Rafflecopter widget below and GOOD LUCK!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
November 11, 2014

Top 10 Picks | Nordstrom Sale (ends 11.11.14)

Top 10 Picks | Nordstrom Sale

1 | Trouve Reversible Biker Jacket | I can't get enough of moto style jackets. I'm obsessed with this one because it's reversible! It's like having two jackets in one!
2 | Sara Bella Mixed Media Pendant Necklace | This pendant is so pretty! It keeps catching my eye! It comes in quite a few colors and I love the length and how substantial it is. This would make the PERFECT gift for all the women in your life and the sale price is under $30! I mean.....c'mon!
3 | Steve Madden Galleryl Pump | I know the thought of leopard print scares a lot of folks away, especially in high heel form, but it's time to expand your horizons, ladies. Wearing leopard print on your peds is such a fun way to incorporate some playfulness into your wardrobe without screaming "I'm sassy!" from the rooftops. It's more of a whisper. And they go with more than you think. These would look SO right with a slim fitting black pant with a straight leg, a pair of cuffed boyfriend jeans or a simple black sheath dress. The possibilities are endless!
4 | Lily White Faux Leather Inset Sweatpants | Say it with me now: Fancy. Sweatpants. Okay, that's a bit of an oxymoron, but I'm loving all the new sweats out right now that could totally make an appearance in public without you feeling like the Hot Mess Express. How cute are these pockets? I'd pair these with a cool retro pair of sneakers, a slim fit hoodie and a sleek, longer length jacket over the top.
5 | Adam Tucker Me Too 'Prescott' Flat | I'm always on the lookout for a stylish pair of flats that go with everything. In my experience, paying a little bit more for a quality pair is worth it (these ones are real leather). My flats get some serious wear these days, because....#momlife. How cute is the bow? So feminine without being obnoxious. The color selection is faboosh, too!
6 | Vince Camuto 'Kallie' Leather Boot | Everything about these Vince boots fit the bill. Real leather: check. Stylish: check. Just rugged enough: check. Unique detailing: check. Killer price for a quality pair of leather boots that will go with everything.
7 | Lush 'Perfect' Tunic Henley | I just love a tunic style top that doesn't look "dumpy". These blousy ones by Lush fit like a dream and I adore the color assortment. They have basic black and white which would be fabulous additions to any wardrobe, but check out the periwinkle, sea blue and green aqua. Such gorgeous and wearable colors!
8 | B.P. Studded Satchel | Um, can we just acknowledge for a moment that this great satchel is under $30?! It's almost a foot wide and 10 inches high, so it's sizeable and would fit tons of your stuff. It's faux-leather and the studding is so special! Plus it comes with a detachable cross-body strap for more options. Also comes in black. 
9 | Zella Live In Reversible Leggings | I can't count how many pairs of Zella leggings I have. They are incredible and live up to the hype. Thick, stretchy, NOT see-through, long enough for tall girls, wide waistband, ability to pull the waist up high so there's no "love handle situation"...they're my fave.
10 | MICHAEL Michael Kors 'Rosie' Sunglasses | Just because it's Fall (and soon to be Winter) doesn't mean you don't need a stylish pair of shades! I've had my eye on these ones for a while and they're finally on sale! They come in tortoise shell (my fave) and a sleek and sexy black.
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